About Us

Dhruv Electronics is one of the leading electronic appliance repair service providers in Delhi NCR. We have over 10 years of experience in dealing with different kinds of appliances. Our professionals are familiar with all leading brands of electronic appliance manufacturers. Also, they are updated with all kinds of leading machinery and technological advancements. This is what makes them extremely efficient at their job and perfect at delivering flawless service each time.

In the past 10 years Dhruv Electronics has gained the reputation of being reliable service providers, distinguished by their quick turn-around time and outstanding service.

Services at your doorstep
Further, we provide service at your doorstep which means we will come to your home to have a look at the faulty appliance and fix it. In case it needs to be taken to the service center, we will send our staff to pick it up and also to send it back once it is repaired.

Quick turn-around time

With the pace of life being zipping fast, there is no room for slow services. We at Dhruv Electronics, understand how important Dhruv Electronics services are. Therefore, our turn-around time to a phone complaint is as less as 2 hours. Even if the appliance goes to the service center, we guarantee to get it fixed in the least time possible.

Experts at job

Dhruv Electronics boasts of a skilled staff, dedicated to provide best services to their customers. All of them have been carefully selected on the basis of their qualifications, skill test and past work record. It’s their deftness and mastery in what they do that makes them our pride and makes Dhruv Electronics such a respected and trusted name in the Delhi-NCR market.

With these three key offerings, we have managed to constantly please our customers over the years. Besides, we continuously strive to raise the bar and improve the quality and standard of our services.